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I tweeted the following

If you saw a new engineer designing a long suspension bridge without attending to the wind would you say “let him figure it out, we’re Agile and that means we trust people”? why is it different in software which is even more complex?

Many people thought I was making fun of Agile. I wasn’t. Let’s go through this.
Question Would you say “let him figure it out, we’re Agile and that means we trust people?” I don’t know any Agilist who would say “yes.” But I have heard people say this. That means anyone who says this doesn’t understand Agile. So, if an Agilist doesn’t say this, why is it ok in Agile to see people struggling with unknown principles? I see many people do this. I don’t think it’s a good idea. A good coach will ask others if they should look at. For example, if I was an engineer seeing someone not attending to wind I would ask “do you think we should attend to wind?’ If they said no I’d say – “is it possible to get a harmonic in the structure?” at this point they should realize it is worth looking at.

My point is that “trusting people” is not the same as “trusting they know what to look at.”

Al Shalloway

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