Essential SAFe for Mid-Scale Companies – #SAFeSummit 12

Essential SAFe was intended for large orgs adopting SAFe at the program level. But many mid-scale companies have adopted it as well.

Mostly they’ve done this because of:

  • its Holistic view
  • SAFe’s product management role
  • Using WSJF to prioritize work
  • How to manage shared services
  • Using Kanban for product management
  • Program increment planning event

Good reasons. But many aspects of SAFe that are useful for mid-scale orgs are mostly discussed at the portfolio level & above- levels beyond the need of a mid-scale org. This is where the minimum business increment (MBI) (discussed in #14) can be useful.

An MBI has the following qualities:

  • Smallest functionality that can be delivered with value realized
  • Contains all aspects of solution being provided
  • Built in slices with validation of hypothesis early if needed Essentially, an MBI contains all the aspects of MVPs, MMFs, Solutions & value streams. SAFe at mid-scale can therefore be accomplished by:
  • Having the role of the product manager
  • Using MBIs to focus on what needs to be built
  • Use ATDD to decompose the MBIs into features & stories
  • Use the program increment planning event to coordinate teams

Tomorrow – how to do Essential SAFe in large orgs

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