Essential SAFe for Large-Scale Companies – Countdown #11

Many dev groups in large companies start with Essential SAFe because they are the only group starting SAFe. This is not a bad way to start. However, many of the concepts needed for such groups are described at levels above the Essential SAFe level. This can be confusing.

We suggest adding the MBI concept as we discussed in the earlier post. In this situation, as epics comes in, the dev group can break them into MBIs by collaborating with product managers & asking them the following questions:

  • Is there any part of this we can deliver sooner so as to be able to validate what we are building & to enable us to pivot if need be? (MVP thinking)
  • Besides the functionality we need, what other parts of the organization needs to be involved? (Solution thinking)

Once MBIs are created they can ask which should be delivered first. This enables the group to control the inake process with the program increment planning event coordinating teams. There is still often a need to reorganize the talent.

What to do when product management won’t provide an ordering will be our next countdown.

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