Does your approach utilize the concept of smallest realizable chunk of value that can be realized?

One of the cornerstones of Flow, Agile and the Lean Startup is quick delivery of value to customers. This reduces waste by focusing on what’s of greatest value while enabling pivoting and creating a tight bond between the organization and its customers.

We call this concept the Minimum Business Increment (MBI). The intention is to answer two questions when faced with implementing an initiative. 1:”what is of highest value that I can deliver quickest?” 2: “what besides development is necessary for the realization of this value?” MBIs lie between epics and features in size and are what calculating cost of delay (CoD) should be done on. Calculating WSJF on epics or features doesn’t make sense. Only subsets of an epic as delivered at a time, WSJF should be calculated on that. Features may not provide value on their own, so CoD is incalculable.

MBIs are different from MVPs which start out as an hypothesis of a viable product. MBIs represent the smallest part of an initiative that can be delivered. MBIs answer the question-“what value can we deliver soonest?” while MVPs answer the question “do we have a product?”

This is one in a series of blogs on Questions you should ask about your approach.

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