Do be do be do – Frank Sinatra on Agile

Do we “do Agile” or do we “be Agile”?

Ultimately, Agile is a mindset. But how do we get there?

Consider these two alternatives:

  • Learning a framework
  • A team does the following:
  • daily stand-ups
  • has a product backlog
  • breaks work up into 2 week chunks and plans what they will do
  • attempts to build entire chunk
  • stops working after two weeks to inspect & adapt & demo what they have
  • has a Product Owner and Scrum Master

Alternative approach

  • Learning the actual work
  • A team knows how to take their work and slice it into small pieces with
  • acceptance criteria they got working with their product owner.
  • They focus on finishing
  • Every two weeks they see where they are, demo it and do a retro. Then they plan out two more weeks of work.

Which will be more effective? Which approach will help them start operating more as a team?

Which will create more resistance to having more ceremonies and more meetings? (I suggest the second will have them embrace the ceremonies of the first as supportive).

BTW- this is not a thought experiment. We’ve done both (but only do the second one now).  If you also think the 2nd is better, it’s nice that it’s also less expensive in time & money. Drop me a line.

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