Creating a True Community of Service Providers for Agile

FLEX’s unique architecture enables it to incorporate any # of practices that are consistent with Flow and Lean. Based on this ability I have created the the FLEX Partnership program which allows FLEX Sr Consultants to provide their own services in FLEX. We’ve already started this with Nancy Van Schooenderwoert who is an expert in both FDA regulated product development and hardware/software projects.

This community provides new opportunities and services for both experienced consultants and organizations wanting to become more effective. Creating this FLEX community allows for:

  1. great specialization in industries that no one company can provide
  2. the ability for FLEX Sr Consultants (FSC) to team with other FSCs to provide complete solutions based on FLEX
  3. companies looking for help to get specialized consulting that is cohesive because it is tied together with FLEX’s system, Flow and Lean focus.

I am at #Agile2019 this week. If you are interested, please contact me.

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