Clarifying my comments about the certifying bodies

While I do believe certification itself is directly hurting Agile, that was not my real point. My point is the following companies occupy most of the mindshare of those new to Agile: SAFe, Scruminc,, Scrum Alliance, LKU, LeSS, Spotify model, DAD. 8 for profit companies (I know SA is a 501C, but de jure only) controlled by a dozen or so people.

Because HR is so crazy about certifications most of the focus is on what these folks are certifying folks in. But the real things to be studied are Flow, Lean, quality code, organizational development, proper management techniques. Not the 8 frameworks mentioned above.

Companies are taking a very non-scientific approach to what is probably the most important body of knowledge there is – adding value in knowledge work with software involved. Focusing on certification (which means a focus on coursework) is the real problem.

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