Checklist for a good framework

Creates a customized roadmap that attends to the needs and culture of the organization adopting it. This includes a customized starting point. Together these avoid a “one-size fits-all” mentality

Provides a support system used by practitioners to help them solve their challenges

Is geared towards practitioners becoming self-sufficient.

Is based around the value stream, making it easier to see how well the organization is doing and what they have to do to improve.

Provides a measure of improvement not based on how well the framework is being followed.

Doesn’t require a change in values in order to start. While the framework should help improve the culture of the organization, values change slowly. Remember, it’s easier to work your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of working.

Makes explicit how its practices manifest Flow and Lean principles

Has meaningful certification. Merely taking a class and passing a test just means they learned some information. Courses should include how to train and enroll people in new ideas. 0->60 in 3.5 days is meaningless.

Does not get more complicated as it evolves. It must be organized in a way that both scope and depth can be added without adding complexity.

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