Challenges I’ve learned how to solve by attending to Business Agility, Flow, and Lean

Business Agility sets the why and goal. Flow and Lean both provide insights on what to do and how you are doing.

Here are some challenges they help overcome:

  • disengaged leadership and management
  • tangled portfolio and product management
  • unclear importance of work
  • poor working environments
  • many interruptions and working on too many things
  • lack of alignment
  • blockages at ops and support
  • massive project failures

I am not saying using these methods are the only way that works. But when I see methods whose followers don’t overcome these problems, I often see these concepts not being used and framework promoters attributing these failings to complexity or people not being motivated.

Unfortunately, business agility, Flow and Lean have become buzzwords with many claiming to use them now even though few. Many throw i a few practices. Some mention principles, but then aren’t consistent with them.

The easiest differentiator is if an approach takes a systems-thinking approach. This requires attending to the value stream and the org’s culture.

Those that don’t have preset approaches that often don’t fit the organization and don’t teach how to decide what’s appropriate for the org.

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