Causes of Dark Scrum

What causes dark Scrum

Commonly mentioned:

  • management not involved
  • people lack motivation

Other reasons I see:

  • forming teams is difficult (even not-advisable) but a practice to handle this situation not provided
  • no technical skills provided (even how to interact with PO to do tests-first)
  • teams are told to do things they don’t see the benefit of
  • not educating management but treating them as ‘chickens’
  • Scrum being applied in a maintenance or IT environment for which it was not designed
  • teams try to do Scrum but can’t get it to work. After a while they get so frustrated they just abandon practices (e.g., sprint) without looking for what would properly work instead
  • there is no transition model to Scrum, rather people are just expected to jump to it
  • the context that the team finds themselves in in their organization is ignored by Scrum
  • not providing a model of Flow-based thinking
  • not taking a systems thinking approach in Scrum
  • having the attitude that if Scrum doesn’t work it’s the result of management not getting involved or that people lack motivation

Given the above list you could say that Scrumbut isn’t the cause of Scrum failing, it is often a symptom of Scrum failing.  people with little guidance often do nonsensical things.

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