Why you should go beyond the Scrum Guide with Scrum

The Scrum Guide is the de facto standard for how to do Scrum for Scrum.inc.org.alliance. But at Net Objectives we believe you can and should go beyond it – pragmatism over dogmatism – work over framework.

There is, of course, a reason that the Scrum guide says “Scrum’s roles, events, artifacts, and rules are immutable.” And, if you are starting Scrum out on your own and you have control over your team that’s likely a good thing. But when Scrum doesn’t exactly fit, relaxing the rigor in the right way can make Scrum more effective. Continue reading “Why you should go beyond the Scrum Guide with Scrum”

Scrum FLEXed

Scrum’s roles, events, artifacts and rules are immutable. Ironically, immutability is as non-Agile as one can be – so why is this? When difficulties arise in how work is being done a question must be asked – “are we doing the right thing poorly or just doing the wrong thing? Scrum pre-defines the “right” thing & says keep working on until you do it correctly. But what if these are not ideal for your situation? What do you do then? Continue reading “Scrum FLEXed”

Scrum should be specialized for software development/IT teams

Software is not the same as the physical world. While work in the physical world is often visible, in the software world it often isn’t. Consider how you can see what’s being built in the physical world, but in the software world, writing bugs or good code looks the same. Continue reading “Scrum should be specialized for software development/IT teams”

Adopting Agile in an Agile Way

The Agile Manifesto suggests our highest priority is to maximize value delivered. This requires looking at the potential increments of value delivery and determining what items provide the greatest value for their cost. Agile development often uses “time-boxes” (Scrum’s sprint) to provide a framework for delivering complete chunks of value in a short time. Continue reading “Adopting Agile in an Agile Way”

How Lean can make SAFe and/or Scrum adoption faster, better, cheaper

I have decried calling Lean “faster, better, cheaper” because “faster” is not the goal as much as removing delays with the result being “quicker”. I also think the focus is on quality &being effective. But in SAFe &/or Scrum adoption, Lean provides a different perspective than the standard focus on certification &frameworks, &maybe “faster, better, cheaper” is the right moniker. Continue reading “How Lean can make SAFe and/or Scrum adoption faster, better, cheaper”

The goal is not to adopt Scrum. The goal is to increase your agility while using Scrum as a vehicle.

Scrum has proven to be effective but companies often encounter severe challenges with its adoption. The common reasons given include problems with the team or management or insufficient commitment in time, money or determination. At Net Objectives, we believe otherwise. After using and teaching Scrum for two decades, we see the root cause of challenges with Scrum adoption lie in how it is promoted and the ways in which it is adopted. Continue reading “The goal is not to adopt Scrum. The goal is to increase your agility while using Scrum as a vehicle.”

Piano tops and Agile

Writing a page on “How to Adopt Scrum” reminded me that the CSM course started around ’02 because Ken wanted to help those of us who already knew Scrum to be better coaches. It was a great experience and helped my coaching ability. But it didn’t teach me scrum. I already knew Scrum & reading Ken’s book was a prerequisite for the course. Continue reading “Piano tops and Agile”