Piano tops and Agile

Writing a page on “How to Adopt Scrum” reminded me that the CSM course started around ’02 because Ken wanted to help those of us who already knew Scrum to be better coaches. It was a great experience and helped my coaching ability. But it didn’t teach me scrum. I already knew Scrum & reading Ken’s book was a prerequisite for the course. Continue reading “Piano tops and Agile”

Writing a portal page on what you need to do to promote an adoption of Scrum. Here’s what I have so far

Here are tips for writing a page about promoting an adoption of Scrum in your organization.

  1. Provide a laser focus on what the development team needs to accomplish.
  2. Provide a workshop that includes the team doing some of their own work.
  3. Provide an online, support system that includes both courses and reference materials so the Scrum team can continue learning over time as needed.
  4. Provide a way to clearly specify the why of the requirements.
  5. Provide Scrum teams a way to create small, well-defined stories.
  6. Provide a way to validate the stories.
  7. Provide an easy and efficient way to estimate.
  8. Ensure Scrum is applicable to the situation.
  9. Provide an explanation for why a focus on getting quick feedback, working on the appropriate amount of work and a focus on finishing is essential in order for any Agile method to work
  10. Engage Product Owners in the training by having them work with developers in the way they will work once Scrum is adopted.
  11. Teams need to understand the bigger picture goal within which they fit.
  12. Teams that will work together should be taught together.
  13. Management must be learn their role in the adoption of Scrum and Agile

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