What’s obvious or quickly learned as it’s pointed out #3

#developer. When you finish something look for something else to help folks finish. See Manage Work-in-Process (WIP) by Focusing on Finishing

I tag each insight with one or more roles that it will relate to. I will provide a link when more information is available.

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What’s Obvious or Quickly Learned As It’s Pointed Out #1

#everyone. Working on too many things creates both multi-tasking and delays in our workflow. The causes of this include: interruptions, a lack of focus on finishing, have too large work items, product managers focusing on getting things started instead of finishing them and poor organizational structure.

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Teaching/Learning Business Agility a Step at a Time

I am a big believer that people are more capable and know more than they (and especially many consultants) give themselves credit for. They can tap this knowledge in several ways. One way is to mention insights that people already almost know or even do know, but have never explicitly stated it. The second is to provide new concepts that they can readily verify from their own experience. Continue reading “Teaching/Learning Business Agility a Step at a Time”