There’s more to coaching than “being”

I’m not saying that how a coach “be’s” is not important. But it’s also not the only critical aspect of things. Good energy, knowing what to explain and explaining them well are critical. A great coach can explain the right things to people so that they can learn on their own.

The Agile community is currently focusing on certification and frameworks that make it easy to start. I believe this is much of the reason for Dark Scrum and Fake Agile.

We need to shift our focus to the laws of effective software development embodied in Flow and Lean thinking. These are usually touched on in framework training but then used to justify practices that are only partially consistent with them.

It’s amazing to me how this is as effective as it is. It is better when you integrate true Flow and Lean thinking with your practices. Go for smaller pieces, shorter timeframes and greater visibility. How to do this is easier with a framework designed around the value stream.

Don’t rely on framework thinking, rely on real thinking-yours. Don’t buy the quick excuses I hear many consultants espouse- “if only they’d do what’s in the guide”, “management wasn’t involved”, …

The job of the consultant is to guide the way, not blame their clients. That’s true being.

A return to ethical certification

FIrst a disclaimer, I am mostly talking about Scrum and SAFe certification. I think iCAgile’s certification is fine and am not familiar enough with the others to comment.

I say “return to” because in the early days it was known that the course didn’t do much and few foresaw the consequences of a course providing certification. The original intent was to take people from competency to more competency.

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