Why Agile Coaches Need to Know Both Scrum and Kanban



Scrum and Kanban are the two most popular Agile team-level methods available. While the difference between them is mostly thought to be sprint-based or flow-based, that is just one way in which they differ. Other significant differences include how to start, how to improve, and how people should be organized. They are based on different theories of how to manage software development work and whether you need to change your roles. And this creates other differences such include the amount of discipline to use them and the cultures in which they fit. Continue reading “Why Agile Coaches Need to Know Both Scrum and Kanban”

The Common Aspects of Almost-Instant Agile Success

We hear so much about how adopting Agile is hard. It is worth looking at the exceptions in order to learn why it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s consider the case of a dev group of 75-300 people. This is a good example of a common situation. The organization was looking at improvements, focusing on product management, and organizing how people work together. Specifically, here was what they paid attention to. Continue reading “The Common Aspects of Almost-Instant Agile Success”