Announcing The Net Objectives FLEX Training Program

I’m in the process of defining our FLEX Train-the-Trainer and FLEX Training program

I’m starting it out on LinkedIn in order to get feedback. There are two levels of certification and two levels of accreditation. I distinguish between ‘certification’ and ‘accreditation’ by having certification mean people are actually competent in what they are certified in while accreditation means they’ve taken a course so are being accredited with knowledge that the course taught. I am not a believer in meaningless certification one gets by merely taking a course and passing an exam (e.g., Scrum Master, SPC).

Why Net Objectives has created this program

Net Objectives has been on the forefront of Agile at scale for over a decade. Almost all methods are based on values and practices. Few are truly based on Lean-Thinking incorporating the theory of Flow as presented by Don Reinertsen. The challenge with basing an approach on practices is that workshops tend to focus on preset solutions or require too much thinking by participants. FLEX is an approach based on patterns of solution incorporating the following areas:

  • Strategies
  • Portfolio management
  • Product management and the intake process
  • Planning
  • Release (DevOps)
  • Realization

Because FLEX is a pattern language, each of these areas can be implemented as suits the organization while still comprising a cohesive system. FLEX training is based on a two-tier level. The first level has participants both learn FLEX and how to adapt it to their organization’s needs in a three-day workshop. The second tier is this adapted two-day workshop. Creating the workshops in this fashion enables organizations to learn FLEX already adapted to their needs.

FLEX vs. SAFe®

FLEX is designed around the value stream of an organization. This enables providing an end-to-end solution that covers all areas of the value stream needed. Follow up support training can be used to expand the options available and go deeper as needed. SAFe, on the other hand, is based on levels of the organization. Many organizations are forced to limit oneself to Essential SAFe in order avoid the complexity of Full SAFe. This leaves them, unfortunately, without many of the concepts and practices required by all companies (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Practices and concepts in Full SAFe that’s needed by mid-size organizations

FLEX also incorporates several practices that Net Objectives has found to be essential in any Agile transformation. You can learn more about FLEX here.

The program

There are two levels of certification and two levels of accreditation when it regards FLEX.

Workshops provided

There are three FLEX workshops that are provided:

Adopting FLEX Workshop is a three-day workshop that both teaches FLEX and has participants create a customized framework for their company (or client company) to use in implementing FLEX. They must take an additional online workshop to be certified to teach it. Otherwise they are accredited as having taken the course.

Implementing FLEX is the two-day workshop created by participants of the Adopting FLEX. It is tailored for the organization that is adopting FLEX.
Becoming a FLEX Enterprise Leader or an Implementing FLEX Workshop Leader. This is an online workshop equivalent to a two-day onsite workshop that provides the options of how to implement each of the workflow patterns that FLEX provides. This is used for bother levels of trainers. Which level they achieve is based on their knowledge coming into the program and the license fees paid.

Certifications available

FLEX Enterprise Leader

The top level of certification is the FLEX Enterprise Leader. These people can provide the Adopting FLEX Workshop. They are also acknowledged as being experienced coaches in Lean-Agile using FLEX.

Implementing FLEX Workshop Leader

These people can lead the Implementing FLEX workshop. They are also acknowledged as being experienced coaching in Lean-Agile using FLEX.

Accreditations available

Adopting FLEX Accreditation

Accreditation for attending Adopting FLEX is provided to all attendees.

Implementing FLEX Accreditation

Accreditation for attending Adopting FLEX is provided to all attendees.

Non-FLEX courses available to Certified Leaders

Team-Agility Coach Workshop

This three-day workshop teaches how to be a coach for a Scrum, Kanban or hybrid Scrum/Kanban team.

Team-Agility Coach Workshop

This two-day workshop teaches how to do Team-Agility, a blend of Scrum and Kanban based on Lean.

Please contact me if you are interested  in learning more about the program (

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