Adopting Agile in an Agile Way

The Agile Manifesto suggests our highest priority is to maximize value delivered. This requires looking at the potential increments of value delivery and determining what items provide the greatest value for their cost. Agile development often uses “time-boxes” (Scrum’s sprint) to provide a framework for delivering complete chunks of value in a short time.

This concept should be applied to Agile adoptions as well by considering what’s the next, quickest value that can be achieved. This “value” is determined by both the direct value & how a new ability sets up future skills.

Given the reality of budgets (in $s & time) a company should ask- what should I learn next if that’s the only thing I could learn?

For example, if you’re wanting a group of 5-10 teams that work together become more Agile consider these options:

  1. SAFe
  2. Scrum
  3. Learn how to identify your most important work, create well-defined scope & clear acceptance criteria for it while learning just the sufficient amount of framework to be effective

Perhaps surprisingly, the budget for all three options above are the same. If you could pick one, which would it be?

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