A thought experiment to help you decide on an effective course of action

Consider how your organization is currently developing products and/or services. As a thought experiment, consider how to make things worse. For example, have people work on too many things, don’t have a process where you resolve multiple requests, have product managers create requirements

for the team and just hand them off in written form, have developers and testers be in separate organizations, have managers makeup schedules and then berate developers when they are not met, … You get the idea.

I’m pretty sure you can see that things will get worse. Now, consider where in your organization you are doing some of these ineffective things. Could you stop doing some of them? Even partially? If it became worse when you started doing these wouldn’t it get better if you just stopped doing them? Sometimes improvements are easier to achieve just by stopping doing things incorrectly.

Of course, making these changes is no guarantee of improving your process, but generally, improvement will occur if you do them. As always, you must run any improvement as a hypothesis of it being a better way and validate that it is.

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