A new series by Scott Bain: Design Patterns

I recently wrote a long series of posts here on various topics about Test-Driven Development. I ended up writing so many of them, they resulted in a little book I published through Amazon Kindle Direct called The TDD Companion.

I’ve started to hand out copies of this book to student in my TDD courses.

That worked out so well, I thought to do it again on another set of topics, in this case centered on good object-oriented analysis and design. It’s another topic I teach, and I’m hoping it will result in another handy field guide, likely to be called The Design Patterns Companion, as I use the patterns as my way of teaching good design and analysis in OO.

Part of what made this work for me was the terrific feedback I got from many individuals on my LinkedIn, though I also put these up on Net Objectives Thoughts. So if you enjoyed the TDD posts, I hope you’ll find this new series to be equally valuable and that you’ll continue to share your thoughts on these topics with me.

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